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HomelifeX of Market Union

  • 1. Brand introduction

    HomelifeX is a Chinese supply brand based on MU GROUP for overseas household items. With the service concept of creating a better life, the brand is committed to providing a one-stop supply service for a full set of high-quality products for household items.

  • 2. Product Concept

    Create a better life. Let everyone in the world have the opportunity to create their own home through our products and provide our products to global customers at competitive prices

  • 3. Service Concept

    Customer first, everything starts from the customer, provides benefits for customers and saves time for customers.

  • 4. Brand positioning

    It is aimed at the groups of overseas middle class who generally have weak spending power. Cheap and easy to use, beautiful and novel, and cost-effective are our goals. We believe the beauty of the home should be accessible to everyone.

  • Sourcing

    We have good purchasing cost control awareness and control capabilities, monitor changes in the purchasing market, adopt necessary purchasing skills to reduce purchasing costs, implement and improve cost reduction and control plans.

  • 1.Quality:

    This is a MUST for any order going through our system, our teams will import fabrics and materials from different continents if needed, in order not to compromise any product.

  • 2.Manufacturing time:

    We understand that time is something no person or business likes to waste and all manufacturing partners we associate ourselves with understand that and minimize all manufacturing to quick turn arounds.

  • 3.Cost:

    Our team is equipped with the knowledge and know how to hit the lowest cost possible without compromising on quality or service.

  • 4.Manufacturing Capabilities:

    Our offices in many places are aligned with factories that can produce almost anything, contact us and find out what we can produce for your business....

  • Design

    We always pay attention to market trends, understand your needs and goals, provide you with the best product design solutions, reasonably control product costs, and present differentiated products that can attract consumers.

  • Design
  • Sales

    Having over 15 years of experience in foreign trade services, we can quickly and accurately respond to your needs, arrange samples in time and provide accurate quotations, and proactively keep in touch with you.

  • sales
  • CSR

    We always adhere to the "people-oriented" principle. In the production process, we pay attention to the value to people, emphasize the contribution to the environment, consumers, and society, and provide high-quality, low-cost, safe, comfortable.

  • csr