What‘s HomelifeX?

And How Exactly Do We Get Started?

What‘s HomelifeX

HomelifeX is your selected household sourcing platform

We believe that buying good products at the right price should be easy.
We eliminte your worries . Because have the insight,the experience and the strength to do so.
We are your own sourcing office in China,to quickly find your ideal factories,most competitive pricing and terms, and ensure consistent high quality product!

What‘s HomelifeX
Supplier Research
Supplier Research Supplier Research
Homelifex Gives You Complete Professional Research on All Factories in One Convenient Spot!
  • Quickly Identify All Factories in Market
  • Detailed Product Quotes and Analysis
  • Qualify Factories Based on Requirements
  • Expert Recommendation
Product Development
Product Development Product Development
Develop New Products and Bring Them to Market… QUICKLY!
  • Create Professional Product Designs
  • Easily Order Product Samples
  • Develop Product & Performance Standards
  • Execute Sample Tooling Agreements
Quality Standards
Quality Standards Quality Standards
Increase Your Brand’s Value, Create Raving Fans, and Drive Profitability Through Consistent High Quality.
  • Implement Quality and Performance Standards
  • Conduct Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • On-site Production Monitoring
  • Complete Manufacturing and Social Audits
Supplier & Order Management
Supplier & Order Management Supplier & Order Management
Build Strong Relationships with High Quality Factories that Support Profit… FOR YEARS!
  • Easy & Clear Communication with Factories
  • Expert Order Management
  • Shipping, Customs and Documents
  • Product and Payment Fraud Prevention

Company philosophy

Company Profile!



Home Creat Division of Market Union Co., Ltd.

Customer first, everything starts from the customer

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